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Chin Compensation & Performance, LLC is a Boston-based "boutique” consulting firm, offering compensation and performance management for both small businesses and large corporations at every stage of their growth.

Combining insight and experience, CCP works within each company’s unique environment to research, assess, design and implement visionary goals and strategies and motivational programs to maintain your business’ competitive edge in line with your budget and the best practices for your industry.

With a proven track record of success, including more than twenty years of expertise in over thirty countries and across five industries, we provide individually-tailored solutions to a wide range of compensation and performance challenges, and at a fraction of the cost of larger firms.
For you, this means more value—less work!
Whether you need a comprehensive compensation or performance management program or are simply in need of efficient, knowledgeable extra hands for short-term needs, we provide the thought leadership and hands-on skills to meet your budget and your needs.

Assessing Your Needs
You are a start-up or emerging business developing a compensation and performance management program for the first time. You can’t afford to hire HR staff just yet, but need some one-time assistance. You want to be competitive with other businesses but aren’t sure what your competitors pay and you need to keep fixed costs in check.

You are a mature business that has not reviewed your compensation programs for a while. You don’t know if you are still paying competitively and want to conduct a current survey. You are cash-rich but want to allocate those resources to bring you the highest return for your compensation dollars.
You are acquiring another company and need to integrate compensation from both companies, incorporating their best practices. This may also be a time to review your overall vision for the company and how that is or is not reflected in short- and long-term incentive programs
You have offices in more than one country and need to know how international compensation should differ from the total package in the United States, taking into account standard practices in each location as well as cost of labor differences.

You are in a cost-cutting phase, needing to develop equitable severance programs to help you downsize with ease.

Your HR staff is overloaded and you need additional hands and outside expertise for a short-term project.

You need a partner with proven expertise and broad industry knowledge to add immediate value on a wide variety of projects.

CCP can help with that!