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ClearRock is a career transition/outplacement and leadership development/executive coaching firm that is recognized for genuinely caring about the people we work with. ClearRock was founded on a deep and long-standing commitment to helping individuals and organizations to develop, improve, and grow in order to reach the highest levels of potential.

Our team is comprised of mature professionals with decades of experience. We have learned during our years in the field that very little makes up for depth of knowledge and experience, and this informs our process, our approach strategies, and our decisions. This also allows us to have a unique understanding of what individuals and organizations can achieve with the right combination of insight, awareness, and guidance, along with the use of the most current methodologies and tools.

We apply these same standards and commitment toward reaching our own potential by engaging in ongoing dialogue about our approach, our philosophy, and our delivery standards.

Our Outplacement services include:

Executive Outplacement
Individual Outplacement
Group Outplacement
ClearPath - A New Approach to a Fulfilling Retirement
Compass - Career Exploration
Career Transition Seminars
We are recognized for bringing exceptional offerings to the leadership development and executive coaching process. ClearRock helps link organizational objectives, vision, and direction with the development of key individuals in an organization.

Our customized approach factors in everything from career goals and organizational objectives, to coachee/coach compatibility. We tailor action plans for every organization and individual we work with, and most of our coaches have more than two decades of experience. Our track record speaks for itself: numerous advancements for our coachees, higher functioning and effective teams, and long-lasting client relationships.

We are constantly working to become, and continue being, long-term advisors to our clients, while providing the highest quality coaching services in the industry.

Our Executive Coaching services include:
Developmental Coaching
New Leader Coaching
Group Coaching
Compass- Career Exploration
ClearRock is a member of the Global Outplacement Alliance (GOA), a network of national and international career service providers offering seamless, best in industry career management, outplacement, executive coaching, and talent management services.

With more than 200 offices throughout the U.S. and worldwide, our partnership with outplacement and career development firms allows us to support transitioning employees in their own locations.

Our partners are committed to the highest code of ethics and professional standards in the industry.

These standards govern our consulting practices, quality assurance, fees and business development principles. We adhere to the highest level of privacy and confidentiality during reorganizations, acquisitions, downsizings, employees releases, and promotions; and assume an objective, third-party position at all times.