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About Us
HR Insourcing is a full service, human resource consulting company that helps mid-size and smaller organizations address HR issues while reducing and controlling operating costs. By deploying professionally-qualified human resource specialists on-site, part time or on a project basis, HR Insourcing establishes and maintains "best practice” policies, procedures, compliance, compensation, benefits, performance management, recruiting, training and employee relations. Our professional HR support helps management concentrate its focus on building the business while HR Insourcing helps construct and maintain the HR infrastructure. We match a HR professional with your organization's needs, addressing your specific objectives - a model that has been successful in over 130 client companies and organizations.

With HR Insourcing you can:

Avoid problems that will help reduce compliance costs and avoid employee turnover
Stay current with ever changing HR requirements without adding headcount
Extend your HR expertise so you can focus on your core business
Off load valuable management resources and time spent on making HR decisions